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May 18, 2007 at 2:59 am

The hottest (and healthiest) trend in the country right now is interest in organic foods.  Why?   Because they do not leave your body riddled with cancer.  Organic farming is a trip back in time.

Most of the time when the older generation rambles on about the good old days the reality is that the good old days sucked.  Can you imagine how crappy life was before air conditioning, automobiles, and (this one wounds me) Food Network?  However, the quality of food a century ago was so much better when we raised it ourselves with wholesome, unadulterated techniques.

Recently I have discovered a distillery that is all organic.  Peak Spirits located on Jack Rabbit Hill in Colorado has taken their new cottage industry back to the old school.  I could wax poetically about Peak Spirits but it is better to hear it straight from them:

It’s hardly a secret that our valley is home to some of the finest organic growers around. And not only is there prized fruit right on our doorstep, but pure, naturally soft water springs from the basalt caprock high up at 10,000 ft on Grand Mesa, just 20 miles north of the distillery.

Inspired by all this wonderful fruit and pure water, we formed Peak Spirits in 2004 to make premium spirits-grappas, eaux-de-vie, liqueurs, and bitters – all from locally sourced organic fruit and botanicals.

I would say that is a recipe for success and the accolades are a plenty as Peak Spirits have been featured in articles by the Colorado Springs Gazette, Imbibe Magazine, Mountain Homestyle Magazine and Aspen Sojourner.



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