May 30, 2007 at 9:38 am

Today while working my part time job (server at an Italian restaurant) I received a surprise visit from the editors from the magazine company.  The reason it was such a surprise is because I had never actually met anyone at the publisher in person.  I applied online.  They looked at my web site and decided that I could write and called me on my cellphone.  That is how work has progressed ever since.  Until today. 

 We had a very nice visit in which I was informed that I had a nickname at the office.  You would think that since no one there had ever really met me (except one photographer a few days ago) that the nickname would be something “stealthy” like the Shadow or Ghost Writer.  Well, you would be wrong.  The nickname?  Big Sexy.  Apparently because of my ability to churn out volumes of words on food (and recently music).  What can I say – I have a large vocabulary and an even larger appetite.  I am going down to the Press Register building (Mobile’s newspaper and parent company of the publisher I work for) Friday for a tour of the facility and to get a press pass.  How cool!


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Memorial Day And your weekend, Chef?


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