And your weekend, Chef?

June 4, 2007 at 3:13 pm

Well I am glad you asked. It was powerful. It started on Thursday when I found that my article for Current had made the cover. My first cover story!

Friday I took my tour of the newspaper. Beautiful modern building with some impressive printers. The senior editor got my press pass made for me and we discussed some article ideas. I got the green light for a 14 part series chronicling the tailgating and night life in southeastern football towns. Will my new press pass get me in free to the Auburn/LSU game in Baton Rouge?

Saturday was the cooking demo and man was it a slow day for Sam’s Club. I made Penne Pasta & Arrabbiata (angry) Sauce, with a Greek Side Salad. Ended up tossing a good deal of product at the end of the day because it was so slow.

Sunday I met with the guys at ND Light Productions and it looks like I will be the host of the new cooking show Everyday Gourmet. Their concept for a cooking show and mine were nearly identical. Wade, the money man of the group got at least one Hooter’s girl’s number and maybe two. He’s a charmer and I can tell he is the guy that can get a deal made. Sith (I do not know if that is his name or title) is the guy that makes all the magic happen. He is a wiz with cameras and editing. Chris is a photographer and also is the Kitchen Manager at the local TGI Fridays and will also act as a culinary consultant. They have one other partner who was in LA. Now we just need four advertisers willing to pony up $500 each and a place to film it. Oddly enough I think the advertisers will be easier than the kitchen studio.

 I check out a potential kitchen tomorrow and by Wed. Sith will have us a logo done.  Man, this is happening fast after all these years.


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Surprise! My kingdom for a kitchen!


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