Sam’s Club?

June 17, 2007 at 10:25 pm

Apparently, this man saw the word’s Sam’s Club yesterday and thought it meant club as in bar, lounge, public house, et al. He stumbled up to the cooking demonstration and began hitting on my very lovely assistant. She then informed me that this was something he did every so often. He offered to take her to Europe, Africa, anywhere she wanted to go. In the past he had told her that he was really in to young girls. He also bragged that he was lawyer (should have known) and that he could take her away from her poverty. I then began taking over the conversation by telling him that she had a very wealthy boyfriend (lie – he is only well-to-do) and that all she ever did was talk about how in love she was (another lie) and that her wealthy boyfriend was a football player with the New Orleans Saints named Reggie Bush (definitely a lie). I told him anything I could to keep him from harassing my assistant. Finally, some of the other club members complained to the manager and they asked him to leave.I wonder if they have this trouble at Costco?


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Betcha Didn’t Know That It’s Cooking, Not Life or Death


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