Interview with a Chef

June 27, 2007 at 12:40 pm

I am currently endeavoring to schedule an interview with a chef that has just opened a new upscale restaurant in the Katrina smashed city of Gulfport, Mississippi. The Mississippi Gulf Coast was hit ten times harder than the city of New Orleans and the destruction was far more devastating than the flooding in the Crescent City. Unlike so many of the citizens of N’Awlins, the folks in Mississippi did not wait for the government to come in and set things right. They were out the next day, not looting their neighbors but helping them.

Nearly two years later the scars of Katrina’s claws are still quiet pronounced along the coastline but the recovery is ever vigilant. The casinos are getting top priority in the rebuilding effort as they are the chief industry for the area. It is in one of these casino’s that the new restaurant can be found. The casino in question is the Island View Casino. The restaurant is the Gulf Coast Fish House. The chef is Emeril Lagasse.



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