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June 25, 2008 at 2:38 am

Originally posted at Edible TV ( on March 19, 2008.

Daniel Bouloud

In the culinary world Daniel Boulud is royalty. To put it in musical parlances Jamie Oliver is like Justin Timberlake – hot, young, and showing a lot of staying power. Daniel is more like Eric Clapton – proven, reliable, and still capable of topping the charts anytime he wants. He is a classic. Chef Boulud is also about to begin the third season of After Hours with Daniel on MOJO HD, a 100% high-definition network geared towards affluent males.

After Hours certainly takes advantage of the crisp 1080i picture with beautiful images and transitions. The scenes are stylishly shot pictorials of enchanting locations like Miami, LA, and New Orleans. The food is unbelievable – it is a no-holds-barred foodie burlesque show. The guests are diverse consisting of athletes, models, entertainers, and of course chefs.

Recently, I was afforded the chance to preview some of the upcoming episodes. Boulud floored me in the very first one when he threw an after-hours party at Michael Schwartz’s Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in Miami’s Design District. Chef Schwartz came loaded for bear with a fresh caught Black Grouper speared that morning just for the wood fired oven at Michael’s. An impressive offering, or so it would seem.

Boulud described his dish as a meat pie. My first thoughts went to the small spicy-sweet meat pies of Jamaica that I love so much. But that was far from what Daniel had in mind. He used ground pork, fois gras, and freshly killed game birds for his meat pie. Chef Schwartz watched in amazement as Boulud reached into a plane brown paper bag and retrieved a woodcock, a red-legged partridge, a female pheasant, a male pheasant, and a wild mallard duck. The resulting tureen was a treat for the eyes.

The guest list included former baseball Hall of Famer Gary Carter, Formula One racing great Brian Redman, Miami Herald food critic Victoria Pesce Elliot (in disguise), and a number of area restaurateurs. All sat at an intimate table in the heart of the closed restaurant and were dazzled by the creations of the two hosts.

After Hours is not a dump and stir show nor is it educational cooking so do not expect any step-by-step instructions or clever diagrams of the layers of a grain of wheat. Instead it is a true reality show that simply documents a dinner party of extraordinarily successful people with discerning tastes from dissimilar backgrounds. Like all good dinner parties it is about the food and the company.

Daniel has hosted these after-hours parties for years with his friends in the restaurant world. Thanks to MOJO HD for giving us a glimpse of these highly entertaining gatherings. On succeeding episodes Daniel shares his table with models Ines Rivero and Eve Salvail, athletes Magnus Liljehal (Olympic Gold Medalist) and Dorell Wright (NBA player), and a host of famous chefs including Norman Van Aken, Allen Susser, and one of my all time favorites Michelle Bernstein.

The new season of After Hours with Daniel premieres on Sunday, March 16 at 9:00 PM, ET/PT on MOJO HD.


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