Grillin’ Green

July 8, 2008 at 8:28 am

There is and probably always will be a debate as to which grill is better gas or charcoal.  Gas grillers argue for the ease of use of their and quickness of lighting.  Charcoalers rightfully argue that propane simply does not taste as good and jokingly remind their rivals that seem to always run out of gas in the middle of cooking almost every time.  After all these years that is what the argument has come down to, ease vs. taste.

Well now we have a new factor – ecology.  If you are green minded then this may be the dicieding factor for you.  As Liza de Guia reports on the Internet-based show Titan Green charcoal briquets soaked in lighter fluid are much dirtier than gas.  Gas is equally significantly nastier on the planet than grills using all natural charcaol chunks and a chimney starter.  Check out the video HERE.

I am not an enviromentalist whacko but at the same time I do not believe this planet is something that will survive without our help.  My green-ness goes like this – I want us to develop alternative fuel vehicles because I am tired of being a slave to the government and big oil.  I prefer organic, locally sourced foods not because it is better for the enviroment but because the food tastes better and it helps the local economy.  I am a green out of selfishness.


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