Macadamias Can Kill Fido? Nuts!

July 9, 2008 at 2:56 pm

By now most people know that chocolate is seriously toxic to pooches.  There is a chemical in chocolate that dogs cannot digest.  A small dose can make them very ill, a larger dose will kill them.  I have spent 12 long worried hours with a Yorkie that ate one Hershey’s kiss wondering if my friend’s $1200 Christmas gift was gonna croke because kids just have to leave candy laying every where.

Lessons learned:

  • Don’t give kids candy.
  • Never pay $1200 for a dog when muts are free and make better pets.
  • Chocolate really is bad for pooches.

Well now it turns out that some nuts have a similar effect.  I found this on

Nuts Toxic To Dogs – Walnuts and macadamia nuts toxic to dogs and people should avoid giving human snacks to dogs as many other foods are toxic to dogs besides nuts.

Nuts toxic to dogs include macadamia nuts and walnuts, but other varieties should be avoided as well as the exact cause of the dog toxicity is unknown.

One type of human food that should not be fed to dogs and cats is nuts. Walnuts and macadamia nuts are especially toxic, with symptoms ranging from vomiting to paralysis to death.

There’s more so visit the site for the 411 from  For more info on just what people food can kill your K9 check out this little diddy from MSNBC.  I guess that is why my vet has a freezer full of rabbits and squirrels.  Always trust a vet with an Auburn degree.


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