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July 10, 2008 at 5:27 pm 2 comments

This is by far the worst economic atmosphere of my 40 years.  All though the Democrats are trying to lay the blame solely at the doorstep at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. the reality is both parties are getting stinking rich off the oil price gouging.  But for those of us who cannot not make taking a bribe legal by calling it a lobbyist gift there is a little relief out there. recently ran an article penned by Amy Bickers and Thomas M. Anderson that will help you cut your grocery bill by as much as 25%.  Their secret?  Coupons.  They cite sites like,,,,, and that can help you reduce your check-out burden.

Here’s an excerpt:

Despite the big run-up over the past year, there is some good news on prices. Food and gas should moderate by next year, with an increase in worldwide grain output and oil supplies, plus slower economic growth in developed countries. Kiplinger’s sees the price of gas falling to $3.45 a gallon nationwide by December.

In the meantime, take a page (and a coupon) from Kristina Huddleston and Kurt Koppensteiner, both 39. They figure that clipping coupons and sticking with smart shopping habits save them $100 a month on groceries. A household of four that uses coupons strategically can save up to 25% a year on its grocery bill without actually purchasing any less, reports a survey by the Toronto marketing firm ICOM. For Kristina and Kurt, strategically means not using coupons to switch to more-expensive brands offering one-time deals.

Now go check out the whole article.


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