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Just what is UHT milk? UHT milk is a long life, ultra-pasteurized, aseptically packaged, liquid grade A milk. UHT is an abbreviation for Ultra High Temperature and refers to the pasteurization method employed in the process. Unlike standard milk which is heated to roughly 145 degrees for half an hour, UHT is heated to over 280 degrees (which kills all possible pathogenic and spoilage bacteria) for just a few seconds (which prevents it from tasting “cooked”) and then cooled all in a continually pressurized environment.

UHT milk is not new, just new to Americans. If you have ever had an ice cream dessert or shake from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, or Dairy Queen, then you have already tried UHT milk. Previous attempts to convert American’s to UHT failed back in the 80’s, thanks to poor education and our ridiculous belief that room temperature cannot be healthy. Two myths that hurt that first attempt were that UHT contained powdered milk and that it was irradiated. Both of which are false.

To most of us, that plastic jug symbolizes all that milk represents – fresh wholesome goodness. Americans love the jug. Ultraviolet light and bacteria are milk’s worst enemies and plastic provides little if any defense against either. Aseptic, hermetically sealed cartons called tetra paks are how most milk is packaged in Europe. In fact, America is just about the only place where you will find milk in an inefficient plastic jug.

Standard vs. UHT. Standard pasteurized jug milk has a shelf life of about two weeks and tastes bland and washed out. UHT has a shelf life of six months at room temperature and tastes like milk. Once UHT is opened, it must then be refrigerated and will last about seven days. The one positive about standard milk is that the empty container is useful for jug fishing. Nutritionally, the milk is the same.

More often than not, you can find UHT milk in the natal section of your local grocer.


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