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July 13, 2008 at 2:54 am

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How’d That Get On My Plate is Food Network’s latest take on the “food biography” vehicle that started with Follow That Food (now on Fine Living) and continues to this day on Unwrapped.  If you are going to do the same show then you had better do it in a different way.  TFN succeeds with Plate.

Sunny Anderson (Cooking For Real) is phenomenal as the host adding charm, spunk, and that velvety voice.  I can see why she has done so well in radio.  The style is a bit of a melange of Follow That Food and Good Eats.  The graphics, however, are miles beyond the junior high art class stuff that have come to symbolize Alton Brown’s enduring opus.

The first episode was about honey.  Anderson began her culinary adventure in Hawai’i where she showed the honey being harvested.  She then traveled 2,400 miles to California where the honey is processed, then an undetermined amount of miles following to other places where the honey was used to make everything from BBQ sauce to honey roasted peanuts.

I think the producers of shows like these do all of the travel because it sounds so impressive to throw out big numbers, however in the case of honey you should always use raw local honey.  It is a vastly superior product both from a culinary and health point of view.  It tends to be cheaper as well.  Plate failed to mention this.  It also failed to mention honey’s use as a curative and the fact that it never goes bad.  Of course they only had 30 minutes. 

I like Plate after being a little skeptical at first.  I think it is the best show of its type that I have seen thus far.


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