Mixed Feelings About Pressure Cook

July 17, 2008 at 12:46 pm 2 comments

Originally posted to Edible TV (edibletv.net) on July 15, 2008.

MOJO, an HD network that airs After Hours with Daniel which is currently my favorite food show on the air (sorry Iron Chef: America) has also brought us Pressure Cook hosted by chef Ralph Pagano.

Here is how MOJO describes it:

Extreme Cuisine. Renowned chef Ralph Pagano is penniless in Prague, broke in Bangladesh and destitute in Denmark. Each week, Pagano is abandoned in an exotic locale and forced to earn money solely using off-the-cuff cooking skills. Dishing out meals for every culture, palate and occasion, find out if he can finance a plane ticket home before the week is up.


My thoughts on the show run hot and cold. Pagano is a fine host, humorous and knowledgeable, but some of the devices to make this show different from No Reservations or Bizarre Foods are weak at best and the “candid” scenes are ridiculously contrived. If the host is supposed to be surprising someone when he shows up then why is there already a camera on site to show him walk through the door. Some of the randomly encountered people appear to be reading off of cue cards. I can live without the game show aspect of the show where Pagano either has to earn enough cash to fly back to the states or eat something really nasty.  I also find it hard to believe that he could just show up somewhere and not know what country he is in. 

At the same it is an amazing food/travel show that goes to places other than Napa, Up State New York, and Provence. I loved the trip to Iceland and because of this show I am now hooked on visiting Belize. Pressure Cook actually does an exceptional job of introducing the viewer to the culture, especially showing the variance in US currency and the local monetary system. Like most shows shot in High Def the visuals are breath taking.

Season two is underway and airs on MOJO every Sunday at 9:30P. Season one is now available on DVD. It is definitely worth your viewing time.


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