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July 30, 2008 at 6:38 am

Originally posted at Paper Palate on July 23, 2008.

A collection of small dishes from the realm where paper meets palate.

  • Playboy continues to be on the cutting edge of modern American life. In their August 2008 issue, they give three different bits of information of interest to the foodie community. First they give you information on how to get the authentic flavors of a Texas BBQ without having to mortgage the house to buy the gas to get there. The world famous Salt Lick located just outside of Austin has a mail-order package that serves 8 to 10 for $100 and includes a rack of pork ribs, two lengths of pork/beef sausage, and the capper is a whole smoked beef brisket. It’s the perfect gift for those BBQ Sauce of the Month Club members. They also preview a new teapot called the Sorapot that looks like modern art and retails for $200. They say of the Sorapot creator Joey Roth, “His success is a beacon for garage designers everywhere who have dreams of turning pro.” Finally they touch on the newly legalized absinthe craze by profiling the newest offering in the genre that is produced by absinthe enthusiast Marilyn Manson (yeah, that Marilyn Manson), which is made with real wormwood and a high content of thujone (the purported hallucinogen responsible for the spirit’s notorious reputation). True to its creator’s peculiar nature, the name of this wicked elixir is Mansinthe. Yep, seriously.
  • For those of you who prefer Family Circle to Playboy and Mansinthe, the perennial lifestyle magazine has a nifty trick for garnishing your summer cocktails. They use the channel knife on a zester to create long strips of orange peel to make a twisty curl of fun. It’s like every goblet has its own personal ray of sunshine. The step-by-step instructions are in the August ’08 issue in the Cooking School section. There is even a recipe for sparkling sangria so you can try your new adornment out.
  • In the July ’08 issue of Bon Appetit, last year’s winner of the Next Food Network Star, Amy Finley, prepares a healthy family meal of grilled tuna with provençal vegetables and easy aioli and orange-scented couscous. Being a busy mom and food writer, Finley has really learned how to get the goody out of a meal. She uses the leftovers to make Moroccan couscous and chicken salad. Both recipes are printed and explained with helpful tips to boot.

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