Good Morning, Emeril

August 14, 2008 at 7:49 am

Originally posted at Edible TV on August 12, 2008.

I watched Emeril this morning on Good Morning America.  He was on to showcase the five finalists in Emeril’s Potato Salad Challenge sponsored by Good Morning America.  I love potato salad and I am always eager to try a new version.  If you would like to view the five recipes. click HERE.

The problem was that to get my seven minutes with Emeril, I had to endure a half hour of the Jonas Brothers.  These kids are, at best, okay musicians and I guess they are cute, so the girls like them but 30 minutes is just too much.  They even had them doing the weather.  I understand that ABC is a Disney property but half an hour?  Seriously?

ABC, if you want your adult audience to watch the Jonas Brothers, stick them the kitchen at Po on a Friday night and let Mario Batali get them ready for their post-Disney careers.  That would be compelling television.

I also caught a few minutes of the Today Show gang learning what the Chinese eat for breakfast, but I honestly don’t remember much except that the guy they got to teach them must get paid by the ”uhm.”  In doing a little reasearch on the web site, I did find this funny blurb:

Savor the simmering stock of Chinese hot pot
Ming Tsai of ‘Simply Ming‘ shares her take on the popular dish from Beijing

Her?  I wonder if the Today Show webmaster thinks Ming Tsai was Lucy Liu’s character on Ally McBeal?


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