Waiter Rant is Anonymous No More

August 21, 2008 at 12:32 am

This one is not by me but by fellow Paper Palate blogger Cate O’Malley:

waiter-rant.jpgFor those who follow food blogs, Waiter Rant is probably a familiar stop for you.  The “waiter” in question gives a behind-the-scenes look at life in the restaurant business, namely an establishment in New York City.  Recently, his blog fodder became a page-turner as it was turned into his first book, Waiter Rant – Thanks for the Tip – Confessions of a Cynical Waiter, and now, nearly five years after his first words hit the Internet, The Waiter is anonymous no more.

Making the rounds on the interview circuit, including a recent stop to chat with Matt Lauer on the Today Show, The Waiter, Stephen Dublanica, also made the August 18th issue of People magazine.  In the issue, he shared a little bit of what waiters think when you . . .

Walk in the door.  I can tell how a person is going to tip in 15 seconds.  Women, I would say, tip less, for the simple reason that they eat less.  But if we see four big guys in expensive suits, we go, ka-ching!

Use your cell phone.  It’s plain rude.  We’re reading the specials (which we despise doing) and you take a call – it’s like we’re beneath you.

Discuss private topics.  We hear everything!  If you don’t want anyone to know about something, don’t talk about it in a restaurant.

Send the food back.  Fine, if there’s something wrong with it.  But don’t say mean things about the chef before you’ve eaten.

Act disrespectfully.  I never spit in the food, but there are ways to deal with rude customers, like pretending their card doesn’t go through.  So treat us like people.

Want more behind-the-scenes dish?  Check out his blog right here, or grab a copy of the new book, which hit the New York Times bestseller list, right here.


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