Getting My 15 Minutes 240 Seconds at a Time

August 29, 2008 at 11:55 pm

This past Thursday I was a guest on WKRG Channel 5 in Mobile.  I prepared the Tuscan wrap from Mars Hill Cafe’s new menu.  Right before we went on air the anchor said, “You’ve done this before right?”  I said
“Nope.”  He said, “Don’t worry, I’ll guide you through it.”  I wanted to laugh a little but I know he had no reason to trust me.  When we went to commercial he said, “That was really good.  Are you sure you’ve never done this before?”  Currently the vid is not available online.

He he.  They asked me to come back to do a 4 minute segmant once a month for the rest of the year.  I’ll be posting the schedule on my calendarshortly.  Apparently, I’m pretty good at this whole TV chef thing.  At one point I described a panini press as a George Foreman Grill on steroids.

Oh, I got invited to a red carpet movie premiere at the Wine Loft!  That’s right, a red carpet movie premiere in Mobile, AL.  Think that is weird?  It is for a short Indy film about the CIA backed Cambodian coup back in’71 and most of the dialog is in Cambodian.  Now it is really weird, huh?

I can’t wait for someone at the same lifestyle mag I write for to say, “Stuart, who are you wearing?” so that I can say, “Burke’s Factory Outlet and Walmart.”  It’s Sunday the 7th of September, which coincidentally marks the one year annivesary for anyone married on September 7, 2006.  To see the trailer please go to


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