The Perfect Storm, Mars Hill Style

September 3, 2008 at 2:02 am

After completing a much needed three-day weekend I returned to Mars Hill Cafe only after a narrow escape to Hurricane Gustav.  Mobile was spared all but some vicious thunder showers and 40 MPH winds.  Not to mention the odd, “it sounded like a freight train” babblings of Roy who thought he had a tornado, or micro burst, or sasquatch rip through his neighborhood.  Coulda been ‘dem damn un-uh-dennified flyin’ UFOs!  For whatever reason school was not in session today.  There was no damage, just no school.  And to top it all off there was a story in the Mobile Press Register about the cafe.  In the paper I am holding one of our fat and juicy Reubens.

We got blown away.  We were knee deep in tickets in the kitchen from 11:15 to 1:15.  Two solids hours of people coming to get a little of Stu’s special love.  I’m whooped.  I paid for my three day weekend with a 10 hour day.  Oh, yeah, it was a workout night, too.  Clooney, you’ve got nothing on this perfect storm.  We must have sold elevendy billiion Reubens.


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