New Cooking Show

September 28, 2008 at 2:03 am

I just launched a new cooking show.  This one is called Little Grill Big Flavor.  The focus of LGBF is bold recipes that you can do on one of those crappy table top grills from the dollar store.  The style of this is a little different from Everyday Gourmet.  Gone are the plain shirts and humorous aprons and in their stead is a middle-age fratboy wardrobe that is as comfortable as it is embarassing.  Come on, Food Network, you gotta want to buy this one.

BTW I spoke with a producer from a new TV show called TV Made Me Do It about them doing an episode about my quest to become a TV chef.  It sounds promising.


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Stuart Reb Donald

Stuart is a celebrity chef and award winning food writer. Donald performs live cooking demonstrations and penned the cookbook Amigeauxs - Mexican/Creole Fusion Cuisine. He hosts two Internet cooking shows "Everyday Gourmet" and "Little Grill Big Flavor."



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