Kitchen Nightmares in Islip

October 16, 2008 at 9:38 pm

I was getting ready to pontificate ad nauseam about the mess I found while watching Gordon Ramsey attempt to rescue the Seaside Inn in Islip when I found plenty already on the net about it:

“How much grease sludge could you clean up in a couple of days?” HamsterDame.

“Ive been watching them! OMG so gross!!! I too have eaten at Peters several times.Did you watch the Seascape one in Islip last night?Ughhh that pesto was horrific!! Makes me think twice about going out to eat lol.”  dogcrazy.

“The Seascape Inn (Islip) was especially telling as you could see that the poor son was bullied by virtually everyone, especially his mother. In only an hour , you had a feel for the whole psychology of the family. Sad, actually.”  nancy thereader.

“Ramsey arrived and noticed right away that the place had a stench to it. The waitress let him know that it was sewage. Ewwwwww!!! It was also apparent that head chef Doug was arrogant and not happy that Ramsey was there to “save” things.”  Mike Farley

“Ramsay finds Peter and Irene and brings them into the kitchen and shows them how disgusting it is. He stops Doug and asks if he knows how filthy the kitchen is. Doug, amazingly, says, Yes.”  William Ingram

“I felt like that poor guy was in the WRONG job (the owner of Seascape). You could see his heart was not in bossing people around. Of course Gordon ‘turned it all around’ in a few days (ho hum…) but the man wound up selling off the place in the end.”  GypsySoul22

“There’s nothing worse than incompetent people who brag about their years of experience. All it meant was that he managed to escape the chopping block for 38 years, not that he was competent. There’s a saying in the teaching business — “have you been a teacher for twenty years, or have you been a teacher for one year, twenty times”? I suspect Doug the Chef was a chef for one week — 1,972 times.” James

“In this case flaccid depressive Peter has been unable to take the bull by the horns because dear old dad never gave him a compliment, and his overbearing Greek mom seems to have severed his sack a few years back. This meeting with Ramsay provided Peter with the encouraging hammer he has wanted and needed all these years and Gordon even takes the chap boxing. Peter had a distracting welt on the end of his nose that was making bile rise in my throat throughout the hour, so I have to admit it was a little hard to get through this one.”  Fancast

This place was pure disgusting and the executive chef, Doug, was an affront to the title.  I never went to the Culinary Institute of America; I achieved my position by hard work and attention to detail.  That is why people like Chef Doug gall me.  I wasn’t blessed with a degree from the most prominent culinary school in North America that enabled me to skip that first decade of climbing the ladder.  I bet the folks at the CIA cringed when Doug boasted of his matriculation there but not as much as Gordon did when he found the mold covered pesto that Doug had fed him a few hours earlier.

I’ll tell you this, Doug – I’ll match my 20 years experience and education from the Wannabe TV Chef Culinary Academy against your 38 years and CIA degree and I guarantee there will be nothing left of you but frozen microwaved crab cakes and a cheesy porn star mustache.


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