Bourdain Visits Venice

January 10, 2009 at 12:16 pm

On this Monday’s episode of No Reservations Anthony Bourdain visits the most romantic city in the world, Vinice, Italy.  But don’t look for gondola rides and guys in funny hats pelting Italian Arias, as usual Bourdain plans to show us the real city, not the one in the brochures.  According to his blog, this episode promises to be a visual feast.

In his own words:

This Monday, it’s Venice. And if nothing else, one of the most beautifully photographed episodes of NO RESERVATIONS. I’m proud of the look-and hope we managed to give a sense of how delicious the everyday food of the city can be. I draw attention-for benefit of any tech and film wonks reading this-to the use of our new toy, a 35 millimeter lens-adapted to DV cameras, which gave the episode the look of a big screen movie in parts. I’m besotted by Italy lately-and this was a fun one to make.

Even in the middle of tourist season, we managed, I think, to make Venice look hauntingly empty. A single street sweeper in an otherwise deserted Piazza San Marco, backstreets populated only by Venetians, sipping their drinks and looking idly out at the world, a private world of simple good things set against a backdrop of Europe’s most beautiful living museum, slowly sinking into the Adriatic. Baby softshell crabs, slowly stewed cuttlefish, cooked in its own ink, sweet and sour sardines, pastas you’d cheerfully kill your own best friend for a taste of-and the best damn risotto I’ve ever had. Eat first-or watching will be a torment.


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