Review: Megan Hearts Baking

February 9, 2009 at 7:47 am

Originally posted at Paper Palate on February 6, 2009.

It seemed like a nice idea for a story. As soon as I received my copy of Megan Hearts Baking by Katherine Fore and Kimberly Fate I would run across town and read it to my six-year-old niece. You see the Megan Hearts series of books is dedicated to getting young girls to try new things and develop hobbies. See, that would make for a lovely read – a forty-something chef shares his love for the culinary arts with his precious niece aided by a brilliant children’s book.

The problem? Apparently my niece already has plenty of hobbies. Who knew a six-year-old could be so busy? Seriously, it is easier to get an interview with a celebrity chef, “Maybe she can give you 15 minutes after soccer on Saturday?” I live in Alabama; I had to Google the word soccer.

In the meantime, I did get a chance to read Megan Hearts Baking and it is a genuine delight. The plot is simple, little Megan gets an invitation to her friend Ashleigh’s birthday party and is asked to bring her favorite homemade dessert to share. Unfortunately for Megan she had tried her hand at baking before with less than edible results. Determined to make her friend happy Megan again tackles baking with the help of her mother.

Megan’s mother makes sure her daughter is prepared this time around. She teaches her about measurement equivalents and shows her how to plan a shopping list. She instructs her how to make a schedule to insure that everything is done at the right time and most importantly how to prepare a recipe. And what recipe do they prepare? Aunt Laurie’s Red Velvet Cake of course.

Fore and Fate’s prose is age-perfect and greatly enhanced by the illustrations of Ying Xie. In addition to the charming narrative there are also examples of women who have turned a love a baking into successful businesses as well as a handful of other scrumptious recipes. Meagan Hearts Baking is a wonderful way to introduce a young one to the joys of the kitchen, if they can pencil you in, that is.


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