Valentine’s Eve

February 14, 2009 at 12:16 am 1 comment

As Valentine’s Day is now upon me I actually look forward to it for a change.  No, not because I have a hot date.  I’m a chef in the restaurant industry that means a 14 hour shift.  No, I’m actually looking forward to Stupid Cupid Day this year because it means that Friday 13th is now mercifully over.

I’m not one to clutch old wives’ tales or to believe superstition but this Friday 13th has certainly pushed me closer to a case of triscadecaphobia.  I guess the beginning is the best place to start:

  1. The alarm went off, I sat up, reached to unplug my cell phone and as I was pulling it to me the cord hung on something jerking the phone from my hand and sending it flying into my iced tea.  I have to keep all of my calls under five seconds least they be dropped.
  2. Despite getting a head start on the day, traffic made me late for work.
  3. Upon entering my kitchen I found that one of my reach-in coolers was on the fritz – the main one of course.
  4. The kitchen timer is broken so I burned the cookies for the day.
  5. Today was busier than most because I had to balance running a shift with prepping for our Valentine’s Day dinner.  So the early delivery take-out order was not what I needed – nor on time.
  6. The FOH (Front Of House) staff forgot to tell us we were getting busy so we went from no tickets to blown away in about 5 seconds.  I of course had three or four projects sitting in the way when this happened.
  7. We ran out of sweet potato hash browns at 12:30.  At 12:55 a server put in a ticket for two orders of sweet potato hash browns.
  8. I was scheduled to cook one of everything on the four course Valentine’s Day menu at 3:00.  This was to allow the serving staff to taste and ask questions about the special menu.  At 2:00 the restaurant repairman showed up and flopped on the floor in the middle of the kitchen to work on the aforementioned reach-in cooler for an hour.  That’s right – 300 pounds of beer gut and butt crack puddled right where I needed to stand.
  9. Fixing the cooler cost $285 – half our lunch sales for the day.
  10. While creaming butter I dropped the entire electric mixer in a garbage can.
  11. My Alfredo sauce broke because the repairman had me blocked from the stove and it had to be thrown out.
  12. We ran out of sauerkraut on a day when Ruben’s were the most popular item and had to go to Dollar General to get more.  Dollar General.
  13. Afterwork my sous chef and I stopped by a local Italian restaurant that we had both been wanting to try for some time.  It sucked . . . hard.  At least I have a new review for the Azalea City Food Blog.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day.  Good riddens, Friday the Thirteenth.


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