Is There a Link Between the Perception of Taste and One’s Job and Hobbies?

February 19, 2009 at 12:07 am

Derval Research Discovers a Link between the Perception of Taste and One’s Job and Hobbies.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (MMD Newswire) February 17, 2009 – – Global Market Research firm DervalResearch, today announced that they have discovered a link between the perception of taste and an individual’s job and hobbies. Scientific research conducted between November 2008 and January 2009 on 500 people from over 25 countries offers endless opportunities in the field of marketing, new product development and commercialization.

“Our perception, skills and physical traits are greatly determined by our hormones while we are still a fetus. Based on this Hormonal Fingerprint, we can predict an individual’s preferred food, beverage, color and shapes as well as his perfect matching job, hobby or even partner,” explains Prof. Diana Derval, President and Research Director.

Prof. Derval continues, “For example, we have discovered that nurses and rugby men are more likely to be non-tasters – that means they host fewer taste buds on their tongue and can therefore eat or drink almost anything including bitter, spicy and very sweet food. On the other hand, entrepreneurs and ballerinas are super-tasters and more picky with food.”

Vidya Sagar Gannamani, Category Leader, Beverage Appliances at Philips, shares: “We discovered and experienced with Prof. Diana Derval the Hormonal Fingerprint. This remarkable biological fact explains why our perception of taste is at the same time unique and predictable.”

The Hormonal Fingerprint is explained in a video produced in partnership with COPUS 2009 Year of Science (Coalition for the Public Understanding of Science) and NEMO Science Center. The video and more information about the agenda is available at

About DervalResearch DervalResearch, with a strong focus on new product development and commercialization, is the global market research firm for innovative and fast-moving companies. Founded in 2006, the firm identifies and turns the latest neuroscientific breakthroughs into powerful marketing frameworks like Wait Marketing (see and the Hormonal Fingerprint (see Fortune 500 firms like Philips, Sara Lee and Danone use DervalResearch expertise in cognitive marketing to design product and innovation roadmaps, perform persona and positioning analysis, conduct opportunity studies and inspire corporate seminars.


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