Mario Batali, the King of Spain and the F-bomb

February 27, 2009 at 8:58 pm

Much has been made of cheflebrity Mario Batali’s use of the f-word at a $1,000-a-plate dinner during the South Beach Wine & Food Festival last week.  Apparently while introducing fellow cheflebrity Jose Andres, Batali spoke the forbidden word and did so within feet of honored guests King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain.  For good measure he then grabbed Andres’ bum.

What I cannot understand is why is this news?  A chef dropped the f-bomb?  Really?  Someone in the restaurant industry used profanity?  That is an issue?

NEWSFLASH: People in the food service industry cuss . . . a lot.

Why?  Because no word in history has ever hurt anyone.  We in the culinary arts are just more enlightened than those in other professions.

Perhaps it isn’t what he said that has those in the media in a tizzy?  It could be where he said it but again that argument lacks buoyancy as well.  It was spoken in a crowd of chefs and restaurant types.  It’s likely they didn’t even notice.

So it must be that he said it in front of visiting leaders from a forgein country.  Except that, like England, Spain’s monarchy is mostly ornamental.  Also these dignataries were from Spain a country that has actually surpassed France and Italy as the place to go for a great restaurant.  I bet Ferran Adrià wouldn’t bat an eye if the f-word were uttered in the legendary kitchen of El Bulli.

So to close this issue let me say that Mario Batali used the f-word, big wup.

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