My Bacon Salt Experiments

March 9, 2009 at 7:42 am

A few weeks back I was contacted by Dave Lefkow about creating some recipes with both Bacon Salt and J&D’s newest product Baconnaise.  Here are a few of the uses I have found and I am happy to say that Bacon Salt now plays a big part in the food at Mars Hill Cafe.

  • Grilled asparagus with bacon & cheddar – we blanch our asparagus in beef broth then grill it with a little canola oil on a flat grill (griddle).  At presentation we dust it with Cheddar flavored Bacon Salt.  Our asparagus orders have increased 33%.
  • We have also begun dusting our chicken fingers with Hickory Bacon Salt to rave reviews from our regulars.
  • I used Original Bacon Salt and a new shredded potato product from our distributor to make Loaded Potato Soup that had the whole cafe buzzing.  They thought there was really bacon in the soup.
  • The best dish was our Bacon-less BLT.  We smeared Baconnaise on one slice of our Mediterranean flat-bread.  When then quick grill two slices of beef steak tomato and sprinkle them with Bacon Salt.  We place them on the flat-bread and top them with spinach, sharp cheddar and another piece of flat-bread.  We spray the top of the sandwich with olive oil and place it in the Panini press.  When it is toasted we sprinkle a little more Bacon Salt on top of the sandwich.  It actually tastes like there is bacon on the Panini and the crunch of the bread helps with the illusion.  Everyone who tried it loved about it.
  • I made a simple chicken sandwich for some friends to try – just sliced chicken on wheat with Baconnaise.  One of my friends logged onto the Online and ordered some immediately.

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