“My” The Chopping Block Review

March 12, 2009 at 1:50 am

I had really planned to knock out a review of the Chopping Block with super star chef Marco Pierre White.  Unfortunately there was a problem with the satellite so I haven’t actually haven’t seen it.  Pity.

For those of you not in the know with regards to Marco, he is quite possibly the preeminent chef on earth, at the very least top 3.  Yes ahead of Emeril.  Yes ahead of Puck.  Yes ahead of Gordan.  Although making a statement like that is like saying $500 is better than $499.  Of course it is but does that mean you don’t want $499?

Speaking of Gordan Ramsey, he once worked for Marco.  Those in the UK might describe Gordan as Marco-lite, a third less f-bombs than the leading British TV Chef.  Anthony Bourdain once referred to a photo of White on the cover of his book The Devil in the Kitchen with his Bob Geldof hairdo raging out of control and a lit cigarette hanging from his lips by saying that the image is what all celebrity chefs should look like.  White was the first rock star chef.

My exposure to Marco Pierre White is limited to a few videos I have seen of him (one of them a fishing trip with Ramsey) and a few glimpses on the Travel Channel.  Therefore, I was really looking forward to checking out The Chopping Block.  Oh well at least I’ll let you read this one from RealityMagazine.com:

NBC’s The Chopping Block is another cooking show with acclaimed Chef Marco Pierre White who challenges potential restaurateurs for fame and glory. This time it is two against two as friends, lovers, and relatives, who cook for a living, go for broke as they seek the prize of being the last one standing on The Chopping Block. Eight couples will begin the competition and are immediately thrown into the thick of it as they open two different restaurants and are critiqued and stressed as they face elimination.

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