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April 25, 2009 at 11:58 am

A while back I scrapped the exciting life of being a pizza delivery driver in Mobile, AL for the mundacity of the music industry in Nashville, TN.  The year was 1991, a period the kids refer to as “back in the day.”  I upgraded my previous pizza delivery career for one as a steak delivery driver.  The restuarant I worked for employeed several musicians/drivers and on days that we had to work split shifts we would all dine together during our break.

At the top of our list of favorites was Arnold’s Country Kitchen on 8th S. in downtown Nashville.  Arnold’s was the best meat-and-three in a city full of truly great meat-and-threes.  Fast forward nearly two decades (am I really that old?) and the world now knows what my friends and I knew.  Arnold’s Country Kitchen is set to receive a James Beard Award.  Here’s the JBF write-up from their site

Arnold’s Country Kitchen
605 8th Ave. S, Nashville
Owners: Jack and Rose Arnold

Meat-and-threes—that’s what Arnold’s Country Kitchen is all about. Owner Jack Arnold, who favors overalls and bow ties, has been in charge with his wife, Rose, since 1983, and it’s his fried green tomatoes, creamy banana pudding, and made-to-order cornbread that keep Nashville residents coming back for more. Patrons love his succulent roast beef and crisp fried chicken, too, but many are just as likely to forgo the meat and go all sides—that’s how good Jack’s freshly made dishes are. Frequented by country stars, downtown business-types, and ordinary folks looking for an affordable and delicious meal, Arnold’s is among the best Southern plate lunch spots in the nation.


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