NFNS 5: Episode 6

July 12, 2009 at 9:13 pm 1 comment

One Of You Will Be Going Home Tonight

 SoBe, baby.


  • Brett – went home week 2.
  • Teddy – went home week 4.
  • Katie – went home week 5.
  • Michael – Slow start on food and presentation – better finish though not great.
  • Debbie – bombed 1st challenge – was despicable in the 2nd.
  • Eddie – went home week 3.
  • Jamika – 1st challenge was weak 2nd a little better.
  • Jeffrey – continues to distance himself.
  • Melissa – only other true contender at this point.
  • Jen – went home week 1.

In the first challenge, the contestants were taken to five airport restaurants and had to create a dish for the menu of their assigned restaurant.  The winner’s dish actually makes it to the menu of their restaurant.  Jeffrey rocked the first challenge and Melissa did well, too.  Michael did fair.  Jamika was below average and Debbie just flat out sucked.

The second challenge was to cater a fabulous South Beach cocktail party and Jeffery (by virtue of his 1st challenge win) was named team leader and he decided to let everyone choose what they will prepare for the party.   Brilliant strategy – let everyone sink or swim on their own merrits.  But will it bite him in the butt?

Michael rocked the bar, Jeffrey was the ideal host, Melissa ran the kitchen (even though it was Debbie’s responsability – you’ll why in a second)  while Jamikastruggled keeping up but did a good job considering.  Debbie helped no one but herself.  Because Debbie sat on her island, Melissa then had to make five dishes in stead of three.  Food wasn’t coming out fast enough so Bobby Flay went to check the back of the house.  Before long Michael had to abandon the bar to go prepare his own recipes because Debbie wasn’t doing her assignment.  As a result, though, Debbie’s dishes were the best received.  Interesting strategy she had as well, sabotage everyone else.  Same old Debbie.  If she wins, I am done with this show.

The judges have been propping up Jamika and Debbie for weeks now.  If it happens again tonight that means that Jeffrey, Melissa or Michael go home after a week where they were far better than the other two.  Jeffrey’s food (and cocktail) underwhelmed, Michael’s as well (the one’s Debbie was supposed to help with but didn’t), Jamika’swere hit or miss, Melissa’s food was okay but she had to do five dishes.  Jamika had to do four while Debbie just focused on her two.  That information did not go over well with the judges after Debbie claimed she did everything single-handily.  Melissa called her out and the judges finally saw the real Debbie.

The judges did prop up Jamika a great deal, her food was fair & her presentation was below average, but she is very likable.  Melissa went over well with the judges with good food and great personality as did Jeffrey for the same reasons.  The judges keep harping on Michael’s dislike of the camera (the same judges that picked Aaron “mumble, mumble, back to the camera” McCargo Jr.) but admitted he was far and away the best personality of the group – his food was okay (the food Debbie was supposed to help with).  They also addressed Debbie’s lack of anything resembling character – man they must really want to fill that demographic.

I see that Food Network carefullyhidden their fan poll this year on their web site.  Not only that but they have made voting a 20 minute process by requiring loads of personal information.  And this poll does not show who thefans want to see but who they think should be eliminated.  I wonder if this has anything to do with Kelsey Nixon running away with the voting last year and eventual winner Aaron McCargo Jr. spending most of the voting period (appropriately) in the middle of the pack.


As of Last Week – Who should win based on what we’ve seen so far: Jeffrey, Michael or Melissa

After This Week – Who should win based on what we’ve seen so far: Jeffrey or Melissa (and it really isn’t debatable.)

As of Last Week – Who will win based on what we’ve seen in the past: Jamika or Debbie.

After This Week – Who will win based on what we’ve seen in the past: Jamika or Debbie.

Winner(s) this week:  – 1st Challenge – Jeffrey.  2nd Challenge – I’m not sure how, but Jamika.

The finalist who will be going home is . . .




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  • 1. Andy  |  July 13, 2009 at 9:52 am

    Debbie should have been gone the first week. I could not watch a show with someone of such character.

    While I still find Jeffrey the strongest overall, I will say that Melissa has shown the most growth to this point.


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