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July 29, 2009 at 10:37 am 3 comments

So, I have this new pad which came with a very bland looking little kitchen (pictured below) and as with every apartment I have ever lived in the walls are white and painting them is not an option. Because of this I have come to loath white walls. This kitchen features not just white walls but also white cabinets and white appliances. The counters are a very pail pinkish-beige. The floor? A dingy, off-white tile.

I crave color. I need color. That’s where you come in. Help me decorate my kitchen and I’ll send you an autographed copy of my cookbook, Amigeauxs: Mexican/Creole Fusion Cuisine.

In my last apartment I decorated the kitchen in a wine motif – some framed labels, shadow boxes filled with miniature casks and cork screws, curtains adorned with a Napa hillside strewn with vineyards and even a cheese board embossed with a bunch of cabernet sauvignon grapes. I used a wine carrying basket to hold my utensils and a decorative gift box housed dried spaghetti. The finished product left more than a few friends questioning my heterosexuality. But I feel certain Miles Raymond would have approved.

Since I’ve done wine that means I should be able to do it again but at the same time, I’ve done wine. That last apartment also featured a Mediterranean style dining room (the natural transition from the wine kitchen) and the living room looked like a Caribbean paradise. So presumably I could use one of those tried-and-true styles as well.

Or I could do something new. Perhaps some geeky-cool retro look with an “avocado green” stand-mixer and an “autumn gold” toaster. Really, the possibilities are endless. So what’s your suggestion? How would you bring a little chic to my shabby shanty?

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • This is a rental so painting and wallpaper are out.
  • Budget – I don’t have much of one so frugal solutions are important.
  • I am a man which means function is more important than form. Vase full of fresh cut flowers? Never. Vase full of fresh basil and thyme? Now you’re talking. This rule does not pertain to artwork for the walls.
  • I like color, but that does not mean I want it to look like Walt Disney threw up.
  • This kitchen will also serve as the “studio” for future tapings of Everyday Gourmet so thought should be given towards how the overall look will come across on camera.
  • No fat chef decor!

Once again, the suggestion that I think best satisfies my needs and personal tastes will receive a copy of Amigeauxs and the knowledge that your creativity may have helped save the world. Use the comments box to post your ideas.  I’ll award the winner on August 14th.


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  • 1. tyronebcookin  |  July 29, 2009 at 5:10 pm

    Are you living in my neighborhood? WOW looks like my kitchen with no appliances on the counter yet (cept Microwave) look at my kitchen picture I posted a couple days back

    I will give you some suggestions, but I am not sure about how many I need to win.

    You know at Target (and probably wal-mart and michaels) they now have wall decals that come back off the wall easily without pealing paint off, colored polka-dots, cool designs like goth or tattoo art, all kinds of stuff…you could go with that to design or color walls with(no worry about paint) also use plastic or saran type material like contact paper of woodgrain or other colors & patterns for the fridge — or sheet magnets in color — or thin wall panel like material with magnets at corner to ’tile’ fridge

    I used picture from my travels and eats to blow up and frame to collage my walls at home, each picture has so much more meaning and color to me, stories too…find cheap online place to process and enlarge your digital photo, then go to Michael’s or discount place to use clip/glass frame that make your photo’s look like gallery wall art hanging in your kitchen…or laminate them (with clear contact paper) and cover your walls overlapping like a collage with strong double back tape, they also will clean off nice with food splatters because of plastic coating.

    Just a few to get you started. Your kitchen looks like mine in design. Except maybe I got more cabinet space, but some of my space is for people 6’4″ or taller…REALLY?! what percentage of renters does that cover? (being sarcastic)

    Alright, thats what I got for you…

  • 2. Steve  |  August 1, 2009 at 10:43 am

    Blue geese are always popular, colorful and expected in a southern kitchen and available at flea markets and yard sales. Along with copper cake pans. There are inexpensive kitchen hand towels, outdated tea towels that can be color into the room.

  • 3. Kay  |  August 3, 2009 at 5:45 pm

    I’d go with kitsch! Retro is so in right now. You can search thrift shops for funky little 50’s looking kitchenware such as a selection of colorful potholders for wall decor or metal cookie cutters in all kinds of shapes/sizes. Heck you could use old kitchen utensils as wall art, for that matter! I’d go with tyronebcookin’s idea of the stick on/peel off decals for the walls or cabinets. I have an assortment of navy, light blue & brown stars & circle decals on the walls of my baby’s nursery. Easy to put up, easy to come down.


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