Big Brother v. Cheese

September 18, 2009 at 10:49 pm

Our government is filled with politicians who campaigned on a platform of protecting our right to choose.  To date none of them has done anything to protect any of our rights; instead they chip away at the Constitution with each new bill, comittiee and Czar.  In most states citizens can only purchase the dairy products the government wants them to consume – they actually legislate what kind of milk and cheese voters can buy.

Sure Louis Pasteur did mankind a favor when he discovered the process that now bares his name but other innovations since 1864 have negated the need to pasteurize milk.  Raw milk does not present the same dangers it did two centuries ago.  So why is it that in most states it is illegal to purchase raw milks and the amazing cheeses made from them?  Shouldn’t that be my choice?

The inept USDA is pasteurization crazy.  Do you know that commercial honey is pasteurized?  Honey, which in its raw state is as inhospitable an enviroment for microorganisms as exists on the planet is being cooked.  So what does pasteurizing honey do?  Nothing positive.  In fact it strips honey of every bit of its considerable nutritional value as well as flavor.

My good friend Widmer once smuggled back a pound of raw cheese from Zürich.  You could smell it a block away and the flavor was unbelievable.  It was the Swissest Swiss I have ever tasted.  When I inquired what made it so good he said back home they don’t pasteurize their milk.

I’m not saying to stop pasteurizing milk.  There are plenty of folks out there who just feel better with it.  What I am saying is give me back the freedom of choice granted by the founding fathers (who, by the way, never drank pasteurized milk).  Give me back my raw dairy.


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