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November 12, 2009 at 7:19 pm

November 12, 2009
For Immediate Release

Gling Gluten-free Living Releases Thanksgiving “Menuzine”

Gluten-free dieters can build an entire Gluten-free dinner from a set of prime selections.

Vancouver, Wash., —– Gling, a Social Media startup targeting consumers in the Gluten-free community, announced today the release of its 2009 Thanksgiving Menuzine to help Gluten-free dieters build an entirely Gluten-free Thanksgiving meal.

The 2009 Thanksgiving “Menuzine” is a combined Menu of Thanksgiving dishes and original Magazine articles written by Gling writers with tips about how to build their Gluten-free meal or host Thanksgiving events.

“Thanksgiving is all about family and friends,” says Mike Lee, CEO/Founder of Gling.com, “and most people’s earliest memories come from gathering around the family dining table and eating those favorite family recipes.”

“It is a no-brainer that we work with Gluten-free dieters to help them understand how Gling can help them with what may be the biggest, most-challenging holiday meal of the year.”

Gling’s 2009 Thanksgiving Menuzine boasts a variety of favorites that many new Gluten-free dieters fear they may never eat again: Stuffing, Pies, Entrees and Desserts. Some of the more popular items on the Menuzine are the flourless Chocolate Torte, Easy Apple Pie, drop Biscuits and Sweet & Savory Stuffing. There are also drinks, coffee creamers, dips and appetizers.

In addition to dishes for every course, the Menuzine also carries content from Gling’s Gluten-free writers who speak from experience about how to create a memorable, delicious and Gluten-free Thanksgiving event.

Newcomers to Gling’s Gluten-free social community are also encouraged to add their favorite Gluten-free recipes they may use to an unrivaled Recipe Database. And because of Gling’s unrivaled dual Recipes and Foods databases, new Gluten-free dieters can research at a very detailed level.

Lee says, “Our Recipe Database automatically links recipe ingredients to that ingredient’s record in our Foods Database. This is hugely important to new Gluten-free dieters who need to research foods and ingredients to learn what they need to avoid and what is already safe.”

Glingsters, as they are fondly dubbed, are also able to browse and add Locations in their community where they shop for groceries and favorite haunts where they stop to eat a delicious Gluten-free lunch during holiday shopping.

“We are excited to be a part of the Gluten-free community,” says Lee, “and to help Gluten-free dieters truly enjoy an amazing Thanksgiving Holiday.”

Gling was launched in September 2009 and already boasts Gluten-free members in most countries around the world.

Gling, which stands for Gluten-free Living, is a Social Media startup that combines original Articles written by Gling writers, with deep food information and content. The major features of the site are its Recipes, Foods and Locations databases. All this comes in the form of a true social network complete with Tweets, Blogs, Bookmarks and a Facebook-style Home page Activity Stream.

For more information, contact Mike Lee (CEO/Founder) or Anthony Fender (Content & Marketing Coordinator) at 360.254.7010.

* When a Gling user creates a Recipe, the ingredients are links to the corresponding record for that ingredient in the Foods database. The viewer can link to that record to see any information associated with the item and a Gluten-score which indicates the safety level of the ingredient.

The Recipes and Foods database are interconnected so that Gluten-free dieters can find more than just good recipes, but also research the ingredients and any allergen information related to those ingredients. Recipes can contain traditional “ingredients” or “Food items” that a consumer buys in their grocery store. The Foods database contains both: ingredients and Food items.

Click to view Menuzine.


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