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Top Chef: Masters Episode 6

The final week of round one.  Tonight’s list of competitors is no less extraordinary than the first five.  Roy Yamaguchi (Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion® Cuisine, Nationwide), Michael Cimarusti (Providence Restaurant, LA), Art Smith (O, the Oprah Magazine), and Jonathan Waxman (Barbuto, NYC) are all competing for the final spot tonight.

Quickfire: Aisle Trial
The chefs are assigned a different aisle that they can shop from at Whole Foods.  The judges were Whole Foods employees.  They did not appear to be very knowledgeable about food though, odd.

Waxman 3.5 stars, Yamaguchi 4 stars, Smith 4.5 stars and Cimarusti took the early lead with 5 stars.

Elimination Challenge:  More Mystery Box
The chefs draw each other’s names and must create a mystery box for that chef to prepare a meal with.  Each contestant then prepares a dish using ingredients from the box. In other words it is a rip-off of Food Network’s Chopped which most people recognize as a rip-off of Top Chef’s Aisle Trial. So this challenge has come full circle.  Wow, this challenge is tailor made for Debbie on NFNS 5.  No doubt she’d pack her box with marbles and cyanide.

Final scores:
Yamaguchi 15 stars, Cimarusti 17.5 stars, Waxman 20 stars, Smith wins with 22 stars.

Art Smith will join Hubert Keller, Suzanne Tracht, Rick Bayless, Anita Lo and Michael Chiarello in the champion’s round which begins July 29 on Bravo.

Best Twits from #topchef:

Jeff Houck, Tampa Tribune food columnist (@thestew) “True food fact: Chef Roy Yamaguchi once played drums in a high school band named Tiny Noodles Under A Chair.”

Joel, Parts Unknown (@joelkodner), “Dear cameraman; when filming Gael Greene, pull back. Way back. Like, from Sheboygan.”

Sarah Caron, New England-based food writer (@CucinaBella) “Never had eggs with pasta?!? Ever heard of a little dish called carbonara — and these are the judges?

Kat Kinsman, Senior editor for AOL Food (@kittenwithawhip) “God help me, I’m oozing Art Smith. It tastes like mangoes, lard and a smattering of whisker.

Adam from Chicago (@bg5000) “Is the title of tonight’s Top Chef, Trick in a Box, a play on Dick in a Box?

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