Remember those old word problems we all hated in school – a train leaving New York and a train leaving Denver – that kind of thing? Here’s one – what happens when a train leaving Juárez and a train leaving Baton Rouge meet for lunch in Houston? Amigeauxs: Mexican/Creole Fusion Cuisine – that’s what.

Why Mexican/Creole Fusion? We don’t know. Who first looked at a crab and thought “I wonder what that tastes like?” At least both Mexican and Creole have their roots in Latin language countries, uh we think. Actually they are a natural mix because of their common spicyness. Peppers are a main ingredient in both cuisines as are onions, garlic, and rice.

For Immediate Release
Mobile, Alabama

Alabama chef and freelance writer Stuart Reb Donald’s first cookbook, Amigeauxs – Mexican/Creole Fusion Cuisine is the first cookbook to explore exciting new cuisine.

“The combination of Mexican and Creole food is natural, almost predestined,” stated the author, “and I really cannot believe it has taken this along to evolve. Both cuisines and the cultures that fashioned them are passionate and fiery. They are sincere examples of our melting pot society.”

The recipes in Donald’s effort stem from his friendship with a Nashville musician whose ancestry is from Mexico. While each was teaching the other about the foods of their respective regions the author began to notice similarities that could be used to bridge the gap while at the same time create a whole new cuisine.

In Amigeauxs, Donald first demonstrates classic recipes from each style and then combines and tweaks those flavors for his own fusion recipes. The final section of the book is a demonstration of other forms of fusion cooking including Asian/Mexican and Italian/Creole recipes. There are a number of informative essays that accompany the recipes. Copies of Amigeauxs – Mexican/Creole Fusion Cuisine are available from the website at

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